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Featured Coffee in Dec 2020 - Ethiopia Guji Dimtu Tirtiro Goye G1 Natural

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Ethiopia Guji Dimtu Tirtiro Goye G1 Natural

This lovely coffee is produced by the various smallholders in Dimtu and naturally sun-dried at the raised bed drying station in Tirtiro Goye Kebele. Dimtu is a core area of Hambela Wamena district in Guji zone, which is a well-known coffee region renowned of typical Ethiopian cup characteristics. Apart from the advantage of the natural growing environment, DW Coffee Export PLC makes use of its advanced technical and financial resources in planting, harvesting and processing to boost the quality of this floral and citrusy coffee to the best.

Coffee Info

  • Region/ Town: Guji Dimto

  • Grade: G1

  • Altitude: 1950-2220m

  • Processing: Natural

  • Crop: Nov-Feb

  • Density: 930

  • Cupping Notes: Jasmine, pineapple, orange and redcurrant

Natural Processing At Tirtiro Goye Kebele

After the coffee cherries are picked, most of the pulp are separated from the green beans by a coffee pulper, and then spread evenly on an raised coffee drying bed for sun drying for about 18 to 21 days . During this period, it is turned several times a day to ensure that all the cherries are evenly sun-dried. Generally, the sun is selected from 12-3 pm when the sun is full.

Raised bed drying station in Dimtu

About Guji

Guji, a zone of the Oromo region of Ethiopia, is located south of Sidamo, a well-known coffee region.

Guji coffee is been receiving avid attention from the specialty coffee world because of its exceptional flavours. It exhibits typical Ethiopian cup characteristics, while the profile is more chocolate-spicy compared to the fruity Sidamo and Yirgacheffe lots, which are the neighbours of Guji zone.

The small-scale farmers of Guji live in harmony with nature at an altitude of 1,800–2,300 meter above sea level. Coffee cultivation in Guji is a relatively new phenomenon compared to other regions of Ethiopia. The young coffee plants grow in mineral-rich volcanic soils— a conducive environment for Arabica coffee strains.

Guji Zone Map from Trabocca

About Dw Coffee Export PLC

DW Coffee Export PLC is a registered coffee grower and exporter in Ethiopia. It is committed to promoting excellent Ethiopia washed and natural coffee globally.

DW possesses over 117 hectares of organic coffee farm, 5 washed coffee pulping stations and 4 unwashed processing industries at Guji Zone. Within Hambella Wamena Woreda (an unwashed processing industry in Dimtu Town) of Guji Zone, there are five separate speciality coffee drying stations, in which Tirtiro Goye Kebele is one of the raised bed coffee drying stations.

DW is well known by its high standard of speciality coffee - only red–ripe coffee cherries from its own farm and out-grower farmers are collected. The cherries are then being dried on raised coffee drying beds, which are in close proximity to coffee growing areas. These coffees are collected and processed based on the principles of micro climate and single origin i.e. we separately collect and dry uniform coffees from uniform agro-ecology to have uniform cup quality.

Apart from providing technical and financial support for local farmers, DW also pays good price for farmers who grow red-ripe coffee cherries and pays 70% of its profit for its out-growers. Therefore farmers are benefited being paid twice. This ensures the company’s capacity to continuously supply high quality coffee for export market.



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